Sophie, scion in direct line of a family who made History, was born in exile in Paris and led a truly international life spending years in France, United Kingdom, USA, Spain. She has now settled down with husband and children in Rome.

Sophie always had a keen eye for colours that took her through Camondo, working afterwards with David Hicks in Paris: Besides interior decoration she also indulged in jewellery design. While in Spain Sophie was involved in social work, being active with SOS Children's Village.

Colours and fabrics inspired Sophie to create handbags for her own use. Being by nature very detail oriented she was not totally comfortable with the market offerings. Further more the over exposure of pretty much all of the deluxe accessories made her dream of a more intimate approach to luxury. She is sufficiently self assured of her own taste to rely on her own designs.

Quality is a key word to describe Sophie's creations. A bag for every occasion, but always distinctive colours, every single one is preciously hand made in Italy. Very selectively distributed they are priced at a level that reflects their perfection but remain very accessible.

Sophie represent a unique combination of a contemporary eye with a flair for the traditional quality thanks to her imperial heritage.

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